Zoltar the Fortune Teller


22,50 €

per player


2-6 Players

10 Years+

60 Minutes

Paris, October 1949.

The famous Autumn Festival is in full swing when a terrible event occurs. Zoltar’s magic pyramid has been stolen. Without it, Zoltar’s predictions are no longer accurate or, even worse, completely wrong.

Find the pyramid and solve one of the mysteries, which Madame Houdin left behind for us.

You have one hour. After this time, Zoltar will stop operating forever.

Get your marks, ready, GO!


  • Modern technology with many audiovisual effects
  • Numerous interactive games
  • Suitable for adults and children, even without prior Escape Room experience


Please note that due to current restrictions, a mouth and nose mask need to be worn in our reception area. This is not necessary during the game.

You can find all further measures due to Corona HERE.

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August 2020
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