The White Room

0 €

per player


1-2 Players

From 12 years of age

45 min

Bonus Room


The White Room can’t be booked regularly!
Have you already played all our three rooms Zoltar and The Lab and Funus?
Send us an email and we’ll invite you to play The White Room at no extra charge.

The White Room is not a traditional Escape Room.
Your task is to solve a series of logical puzzles within an all-white room, equipped with impressive sound and light effects.
Within only 45 minutes you have to overcome all obstacles and get hold of a diamond of inestimable value.

  • Escape Game Box: Not a classic Escape Room!
  • Interactive games of high difficulty
  • No use of padlocks
  • Can be played alone or in pairs

We kindly ask you to arrive 10 minutes before the booked game time.

Kettwiger Str. 27, 45127 Essen

* Not valid for B2B bookings. Not valid with other offers. Send us an email to make a reservation for The White Room.