The Lab

2-6 Players

16 years+

60 minutes

Available June 2020


Essen, Spring 1986.

The closing of the last coal pit is only a few months away. More and more miners are let go and desperate in finding new work.

Meanwhile, in the hope of accessing a new powerful source of energy, a secret society of scientists has been working on the highly confidential military project: “Eternal Flare”. According to information received from an unknown source, this project involved supernatural experiments on selected individuals.
Miners were offered a significant salary for their participation but never happened to return to their homes.

Due to unknown circumstances, the project was terminated prematurely and the laboratory of Prof. Bernhard closed with immediate effect. The exact events that took place remain a mystery ever since. Even Madame Houdin gave up on this case before retiring.

Will you be up for the challenge? Will you be able to find out what really happened in the deep underground of Essen?


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