Our concept for the control of hygiene and protection against infection

For us, the safety of our guests and employees is a top priority.

Bookings are currently only possible for groups of up to 5 people.

We ask all guests to observe the following rules and information when visiting us:

  • The names and address data of all players will be recorded before the game and stored for a period of 4 weeks. At the same time, each player confirms that he/she feels healthy and has not knowingly had any contact with a positive Corona case.
  • For the protection of our employees, there is a compulsory requirement for all persons to wear masks within our premises.
  • The maximum group size is 5 persons.
  • A minimum distance of 1.50 metres must be maintained at all times between the game master and players.
  • After each game, all surfaces and objects in the game room, including door handles, are disinfected by an employee and the game room is ventilated for at least 15 minutes.
  • The reception area is permanently ventilated and is cleaned daily.
  • After arrival of the players, the booked game will be started immediately. At the end of the game the booked group leaves the premises immediately.
  • All players are asked to wash and disinfect their hands upon arrival.
  • Disposable gloves are offered to the players free of charge.
  • There will be an interval of at least 30 minutes between two games. This prevents two groups of players from meeting.
  • Contactless payment by card is offered on site.
  • Access without prior booking or well before or after the booked time is not allowed.
  • Sanitary facilities will be cleaned at least twice a day.
  • Waste in rubbish bins will be removed at least twice a day.
  • Soap, disinfectant and disposable towels are available to customers in the restrooms.

Wir haben geöffnet! Es gelten die 2G Regeln (genesen oder geimpft) für alle Spieler. Es wird kein Test benötigt.