Will I be locked inside the rooms?

Yes, forever and eternity.

Just joking…. most doors at our venue remain unlocked throughout the game. Some doors may only open after a puzzle has been successfully solved. Nevertheless, emergency buttons have been installed to even unlock those doors (and immediately end the game) in case of an emergency.

Can I take photos or make videos inside the rooms?

To ensure that all guest can have the same experience and fully enjoy the game, the use of mobile phones, cameras or any other recording device is strictly forbidden inside the rooms. These can be left inside dedicated lockers, which are fitted with mobile phone chargers.

Are the games difficult?

Our games don’t require specific knowledge to solve them. With family or friends, your observational skills, your logic, your teamwork we are sure you can master them.

During the game you will receive clues when needed. Cameras placed in the room will allow us to follow your progress. Don’t worry, nothing will be recorded.

What languages are available for the games?

All rooms are available in German, English and French.

Let us know during the booking process, which language you would prefer during the game.

How many rooms are there to solve at Madame Houdin?

Currently, we are operating two rooms in Essen, with the next planned to end of 2020. Join our mailing list for latest updates and exclusive pre-sales for any new room openings.

Who is Madame Houdin?

Madame Houdin was a french journalist living in the early 20th century, passionate about criminal investigations, travelling and other cultures.

Despite having written a great number of newspaper articles and solving even the most mysterious cases, her sudden death meant leaving behind a number of puzzling tasks, which are yet to be solved.

What is an Escape Room?

Where have you been in the last few years???

More seriously: One group of up to 6 people, 60 minutes and uncountable puzzles to be solved before the time runs out. Your team will need to be able to work together, communicate, search and make decisions. Can you master the challenge?

Is the space wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, our rooms are not wheelchair accessible. This is because of the fact that we are located on the 5th floor and the elevator available is, due to building constraints, limited in size.

What happens if a player can’t come or we want to bring an extra player?

As long as you are still a group of at least 2 players it’s not a problem. However, refunds can’t be provided for short term cancellations of individual players.

Want to bring an extra friend? You can up until reaching a maximum group size of 6 people. Every additional player will be charged at 20€.

Are the rooms suitable for players with hearing problems or visual impairments?

Throughout the game, your game master will be there to support you through special clues and hints.

Nevertheless, we do recommend that at least one person in the group has no hearing problems or visual impairments, as our puzzles will require different senses to be solved.

Is there a minimum age for players?

The minimum age to participate is 10 years with at least one adult in the group, or 16 years unaccompanied.

The Room “The Lab” has a minimum age of 14 years with at least one adult in the group, or 16 years unaccompanied.

The Room “The Lab” may only be played by people above the age of 18.

Babies and young children are not allowed inside the rooms at any time.

How many people can play at the same time?

Our escape rooms are designed for groups of 2-6 people. The White Room and Fonus are limited to 2 players.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay cash or by card on site.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

I made a mistake during the booking and now the slot is no longer available.

As soon as you select a timeslot and proceed to the checkout page, the selected timeslot will be blocked until the completion of your booking. In case you abort this process, the timeslot will become available again within a few minutes.

How can I change or cancel my booking?

Change in plans? No problem! You may change your booking up until 1 week before the planned date.
Simply contact us through the contact form provided on our website to change or cancel your booking.

To change: Have a look at the game calendar to make sure your desired game time is still available.

Can I add another player after booking?

Sure you can! The final price charged for your game will be based on the actual number of players.

How much does a game cost?

Game prices vary based on the number of players and the game you choose:

Please look at the booking page of the individual room for detailed pricing.

Additional players not initially included in the booking can be added for 20€/each.

How do I book an escape game?

All bookings for Madame Houdin Escape Rooms are done online. You may book your game up until 3 months in advance.

For corporate bookings, if you would like to make a special booking outside our regular opening hours, or if you have any problems during the booking process, simply contact us through the contact form provided on the website.

When should we arrive?

Please arrive around 15 minutes before your scheduled game in order to provide you with a short briefing before the game.

Where are you located?

We are located right in the centre of Essen inside the WMF Building, next to the famous Lichtburg cinema.

The closest metro/train stations are Essen Hauptbahnhof and Essen Hirschlandplatz.

For car parking, we recommend the Wolf Parkhaus at Akazienallee 1.

What happens if one of the players can’t come?

As long as you are still a group of at least 2 people – no problem! It will be a bit more difficult, but we’re sure you’ll manage.

However, no refunds can be made for the missing player.